Live it up in Kleedorf

As diet chef and headchef, Hans Heberlein represents with his team the association “Heimat auf’m Teller” what means that we try to use only local products from local farmer and businesses. We mainly focus on regional food and recipes but we also try to give our food an international touch. We are also proud of our homemade cakes made from grandmas recipe

Our restaurant

restaurant 1

Restaurant Franken Hotel zum alten Schloss

Hungry? Or do you like some coffee and a piece of cake?

This is where you go and enjoy it

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restaurant 2

Restaurant Hersbruck Hotel zum alten Schloss

Whether you are having a whole menu or you just pick from it, this is where you belong

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Restaurant Happurg Hotel zum alten Schloss

You will never get more comfortable during lunch or dinner

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Lions room

Gedeckter Tisch Restaurant Hotel zum alten Schloss

Perfect for up to 20 people

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Restaraunt fränkische Schweiz Hotel zum alten Schloss

This is where the party gets started

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A little background knowlegde

The hotel itself is quiet old and wasn’t an hotel at all in the past.

It used to be an old farmers house which was renovated and expanded over the years and became a lovely and stunning hotel.

Today we have over 200 seats in our restaurant, 58 rooms with over 100 beds for our guest.

From the start till now the hotel belongs to the family Heberlein who are now in the 5th generation

The Heberleins are proud to say that they are focused to be an traditional and regional hotel

and try to use only the best products.

Brunch and Events

BBQ in the Garden

BBQ Wanderhotel zum alten Schloss Franken
first time on 05.06. In nice weather every Wednesday from 18:00 clock

29/05/2024 - 07/08/2024

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Heavy Metal Bufet

Heavy Metal Buffet Hotel zum alten Schloss Franken
Today, there is something on the ears!
With hard music from AC / DC to Motörhead to ZZTop. These steaks, spare ribs and burgers from the buffet

18/10/2024 - 18/10/2024

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Advent Brunch

Außenaussicht Hotel zum alten Schloss Kleedorf
Slowly we tune you with our delicacies on the wintry Christmas season.

01/12/2024 - 01/12/2024

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Christkindles Brunch

Weihnachtsmarkt Franken
Today, you can round off Christmas with your family over a delicious brunch

26/12/2024 - 26/12/2024

Landidyll Hotel Zum Alten Schloss - Kirchensittenbach bei Hersbruck, Germany

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