Hiking, Cycling and other activities

Franconia is said to be the best place in germany to go for a walk! Wether you want to be by yourself to enjoy the beautiful nature or you like to go out with the whole family, our huge variety of hiking routes is ideal to get your head free and enjoy your visit in franconia. And if you dont feel to go by foot you can also rent some e-bikes in our hotel. Besides do we have some stunning cities you can visit, like Herbruck, Amberg, Nuremberg Feel free to ask at the reception!

hiking and biking

Wandern Franken Hotel zum alten Schloss Kleedorf

hiking is very nice

beautiful places near nuremberg

Tiergärtnertorplatz Nürnberg Tag

Our most importent and most beautiful city....Nuremberg

Some inspiration

our offer for your holiday

8 Days - 7 nights holiday offer

Wandern fränkische Schweiz Hotel zum alten Schloss
Give yourself a break!
You dont like stress? Want to take a brake? Here is exactly the spot where you belong, in the county of Herbruck! Treat yourself to a break with leisure. A beautiful landscape and our regional typical and local food will convince you.
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